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When I was growing up, living in Oregon my whole life I knew that when summer was around we could finally enjoy the 2 and a half maybe 3 months of sun. Given that I was raised in a family where my uncles and father were painters this usually meant that during the weekends I would help my father when he would occasionally pick up side gigs.
At the age of 12 would help him move around the drop cloths or mix a can of paint. (My dad had a lot of patience because as a kid at that age, you want to run around and be free not watch paint get applied to walls) Six years after that when turning 18, I graduated Highschool and would be attending college in pursuit of my BA in Business administration but also decided to embark on a business venture alongside my father. This business venture became Pacific West Painting.


My name is Jose and alongside my father Pascual, we have run and operated Pacific West Painting since 2018. Each year we strive forward to help new and existing clients realize their dream projects whether it be a project with interior or exterior painting or a drywall renovation project. We look to create not only lasting relationships with our clients but lasting quality in the work we do. We pride ourselves in the quality and hard work we invest in every single project. My father is very meticulous with the work he completes and instilled in me that one can only be proud of the work that is completed if it is done correctly and professionally but most importantly if the client is satisfied. This is why we go above and beyond to leave every project exceeding customer expectations.

I have grown up from helping my father move tarps around during my summer breaks as a kid to running an entire painting company alongside my father. Through the years I have learned plenty of knowledge that has helped us as a company grow. Given that I was born and raised in Oregon we have made it our mission to help homeowners in the Pacific North West realize their dream project one brushstroke at a time.

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quality painting services in hillsboro, oregon

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With 18 years of experience in the industry, we take time and effort to provide long-lasting result.

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We take pride in our work and will leave the job until the customer is satisfied.

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